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Taking notes

Dear Professionals,

As a parent of a jelibean and a jelibean myself, I would like to inform you all, in a kindly manner, that my memory is not all that it could be! As well as not being able to remember what you have said during a consultation, sometimes I forget I have  even seen you! Often the whirr of appointments mean I am not even sure who you are or what you do. Could you please explain to us why we are sitting in front of you and what you can do to help?

I and many others have difficulty processing information and editing for meaning. This could mean that we walk out of your appointment with a completely different perception from the one you think we have.

Note taking for us is tricky. You see..... we cannot listen to you AND understand what you are telling us AND remember to write it down correctly AND in order all at once. There are a lot of AND'S there and we can't do those!  We can either listen or take notes but not both. Please be kind enough to send us a letter or a report of our meeting together. It helps for us to have it on paper. Please keep copies as some of our filing systems are a little rusty. For some of us even writing one sentence is a challenge so we really would appreciate it if you could arrange for someone to do this for us.

Many of us would like further clarification on what you are saying. Some of the terms used may as well be a foreign language. What does it all mean? Could you write to us in simple English please?

Thank you

From a frustrated jelibean :)