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Who are you?

Hello ??, many jelibeans are summonsed to so many appointments that we forget to ask WHO YOU ARE? So instead of asking politely, many of us remain quiet - if we do ask, we forget as quickly! Most jelibeans feel overwhelmed and intimidated when we have to consult professionals, please take that into consideration as well. This is not a comfortable situation for us.

Many parents consulting Jelibean have no clue of who they have seen or why they have seen that person. And even if we know your name and position we are not sure of what you do, how long you have trained or what your specialist area of expertise is. Many of us are not sure what to expect when we meet you. Will you be performing tests? Many jelibeans don't like surprises - the sight of a needle will send us into meltdown. Maybe you will be talking to us for an hour? But we don't know that.

Please can you take time to explain in a kind gentle way, then we can prepare ourselves and our children. We don't do change well either so please give plenty of notice if you need to change our appointment at short notice.

Thank you