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You could be the 16th professional we have seen!!

Or perhaps number 20! Yes really truly, we aren't making it up. You are just ONE of the many professionals we are asked to see or referred to you.

And if we have multiple children you could be the 50th appointment! WHO KNOWS!! We have lost count and please don't make us recall ALL of them! Some families have 5, 7 or even 12 children who present as jelibeans! The genetics are strong in many. Please try and put yourself in our shoes just for a minute, you probably couldn't cope with much longer. Imagine what it is like for US and OUR children. We live like this 24/7 not just the hour you see us for.

Please realise that we have recounted our story over and over, it is tiring, exhausting and not always pleasant for us to do, least of all in front of a red faced anxious jelijunior or jeliteen. Jelibean listen carefully to the children too, it is them who tell us they don't like being talked about constantly, often in negative terms. It really is not pleasant to have to hear it over and over again.  After all how would YOU like it?

That's all, thank you for reading :)

PS We aren't making it up! According to recent research (Toth, 2008) it really is a ratio of 1:16 !