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For some of us EYE CONTACT is painful. We feel most uncomfortable looking at someone straight in the eyes. Our eyes wander around the room. Perhaps you don't think we are listening? Sometimes we may not be but for the majority of the time WE HEAR YOU! Just because we choose to look at the clock, doesn't mean we are not interested - honestly.

Most jelibean's eyes focus on the MOUTH not the eyes. Even if we do look at your eyes, we are finding it difficult to know what you are thinking or feeling. We have a difficulty in reading faces for expression. The proper name is FACIAL PROSOPAGNOSIA also known as 'face blindness'. This means our ability to recognise faces is impaired.  We tend to watch the lips and sometimes subconsciously lip read. We are not being rude, we are just doing what comes naturally.

Many jelibeans are also very sensitive to NATURAL AND ARTIFICIAL lighting. Many have sunglasses in every room. Even the brightness of winter snow will send them into freefall. Sunny days can be just the excuse to hide away in a dark room. All perfectly 'normal' for a jelibean.