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Now this is a big one! Jelibean as yet have not come across many jelibeans who don't a difference in the way they feel on a physical level. Some jelibeans HATE being touched EVER. Others can only tolerate short squeezy touch whilst others hug you until there is no breath left inside you and you collapse to the floor gasping! Many on the autism spectrum like the feeling of a garment that has been lined with weights. The heavier the shirt/blouse/top the better! Many need the feeling of a weighted blanket at night - it's comforting and aids sleep.

Touch doesn't just affect how one person physically touches another, it's clothes and fabrics too that can cause HUGE problems for a jelibean.



Are you ready to listen?
No not to just the bits that your wing mirrors pick up, the odd word here and there, but the whole transmission.

How many times have you been watching the national news on the TV and even though you appear to be deeply concentrating and doing all the right things to give the impression that you are glued, all of a sudden it's the review of the headlines and you’d completely missed the story about a disaster that wiped out a whole country.


Why do jelibeans STIM?


So what are the reasons why jellybeans stim, and do they really need to?

1. RELEASE is the first reason. Let's try a very simple TIP. Imagine a pan of boiling milk on the hob, merrily boiling away, keep an eye on it otherwise it will boil over, smell revolting and go all skinny and horrid, yuk, yuk. Put the lid on the pan and it will spill over leaving all that residue around the pan and lid, more yuk, yuk.


Stimming - WHAT IS IT?

 Stimming is what jellybeans do when they're anxious, frightened, irritable, stressed, panicky, upset, bewildered and frustrated. They even do it when they're excited. It's the sudden adrenaline rush playing havoc with your jellybean fingers, toes, hands and feet.


DANGEROUS STIMMING - self destruct

Let’s get into these stims in a bit more depth and try to separate the innocent ones from the self-destructive ones. It’s IMPERATIVE that you let your jellybeans STIM, its as essential for us as it is for a diabetic to avoid sugary foods. Stimming is the release valve, and jellybeans must be allowed to depressurise otherwise it could explode, and before you know what, stimming increases and you notice extras like the knee bobbing up or down, fingers going into the mouth etc etc, you may just have had your first severe weather warning, as you can be sure that a behaviour that you probably won’t like is fast approaching. Maybe even a Tsunami. But some stims aren’t SAFE. And jellybeans don’t always realise this because all stims produce the same comforting hormones if they’re performed repeatedly.